My Heroes

Here is a true stories about each our girls where their humanity gave us real hope for the future and had us wide-eyed in pride and admiration.

Belle Charisma Coleman

Halloween 2016

This was the last year Belle went out without her little sister by her side. Belle has always been an older soul and has loved hanging around with older kids or adults. This year she was able to join a group of young girls who were a few years her senior and she did great! She had just turned 5 but was able to keep up with the others and was ready to take as much candy from the neighbourhood as possible. As the night grew later, Belle was starting to fall behind but was determined to keep up. We were almost 2 hours into the night when we happened upon a house where a bucket of candy was left on the doorstep with an honour system in place. Everyone was invited to take 2 pieces of candy. Belle was starting to fall a little bit behind and the older girls were already off to the next house as Belle made her way to untended bucket of treasure. She was thrilled to grab the last two pieces of candy inside and quickly ran to catch up to the other girls. But right behind Belle was another young girl about her age who came back from the empty bucket in tears. Belle could see she was about to be left behind by the other girls but the young girls tears behind her kept her anchored in limbo.  With a smile and confidence, she turned back to the young girl, knowing full-well she'd never catch up to the other girls, and held out her bag of candy. She said "Here, take as much as you like." The other Dad and beamed with pride as our two young ladies smiled and shared what they had with one another.

Maeve Grace Coleman


Maeve joined Belle the next year for Halloween and was an instant pro when it came to Halloween. We are pretty sure her only disappoint was that this was only one night a year and going to strangers homes on any other night, asking for free candy, would be considered bad form.

Belle has always been allergic to various items so handing off "dangerous treats" was a usual custom for her, but Maeve, who isn't allergic to anything, wasn't quite sure what was happening when Belle started handing Daddy a good portion of her candy. Always one to follow her big sister's lead, Maeve proceeded to offer some of her candy too. Too young to reply understand what was happening, she was still happy to share. What was hers, was ours, and she did so without hesitation or sadness.

To this day, Maeve still offers her Dad have of everything she is offered. Whether it is breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a treat. She will never eat the entire thing until she makes sure her Dad is offered half.

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