All You Need is Love

Daddy chases Belle

It was the Spring of 2016 and I had assembled a crew and the finances necessary to shoot a feature film. This is a project that was several years in the making having just overcome a life threatening illness in March I truly began to live each day like it was my last. I was fortunate to have worked steadily as an actor for 25+ years and had made some incredible friends along the way, many of whom had roles in some of my favourite shows and this was an opportunity to finally have us all in one movie!

As we got closer to going to camera things quickly started falling apart on the cast side of things. The crew, the equipment, the locations, everything else was in order, but my "friends" slowly started dropping like flies for a variety of excuses that were disheartening to say the least. Other projects, family commitments, etc. had half of my large ensemble cast suddenly "out" and I was devastated.

Never one to let my outside stresses come home with me in from of the kids, this one was unfortunately too much. I sat alone in the family room having just gotten off the phone with another disappointing drop out when my oldest daughter, Belle, then age 4, tapped me on the shoulder.

"I'll make your movie with you Da Da."

She gave me an enormous hug and smiled with a confidence that screamed "everything will be okay."

And sure enough, this was the turning point. We enjoyed our cuddle for as long as we could and then headed upstairs for dinner.

Later that night I rolled up my sleeves and was able to put together an even stronger cast of actors who've become some of the best people I know and closer friends than I had before. All because of the little nudge of unconditional support I received my darling 4 year old daughter who somehow knew everything would be alright.

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